Silverback Torch On Systems Ltd is a leading commercial and industrial roofing contractor servicing all of Alberta.


Trusted Commercial Roofing Services throughout Alberta

Silverback Torch On Systems Ltd specializes in new construction, existing building re-roofs, tenant improvements, maintenance, and leak detection. Under the direct leadership of founder Kevin Morris, today it is one of the leading commercial & industrial roofing companies in all of Alberta having installed over a million square feet of roof surface.


Why Choose Silverback:

Quality Roofing Services For Your Business

In Alberta, the firm to contact for commercial roofing services is Silverback Torch On Systems Ltd. We provide a thorough assessment and provide recommendations for a variety of commercial roofing systems, including modified bitumen, built-up, coatings, metal roofing, and two-ply membranes.

New Construction

We provide commercial roofing installation that comply with all applicable building codes and assessments.

Flat Roofing

We can help install, repair, and maintain your flat roof system so that you get years of protection and energy savings for your business.


Need a new roof? Silverback can provide you with an unbiased assessment of your commercial, industrial, or institutional roof.

Roof Repair/Maintenance

You can count on Silverback to locate and repair leaks and other issues with your commercial roof. We always deliver the best possible result!


Silverback will inspect the integrity of your commercial roof and repair damage to extend your roof’s life expectancy and prevent costly repairs.


We are COR certified roofers who have been trained to the highest standards of the industry. Our work exceeds industry standards for safety.

our service Area

Silverback Torch On Systems Ltd services areas in the central, southern and northern regions of Alberta, including but not limited to:

What Sets Us Apart


Our staff is made up of highly qualified roofing specialists, and thanks to our relationships with top manufacturers, we can install the best commercial roofing systems on the market.


All project data is accessible from any device thanks to our technology, both in the office and out in the field. Controlling your roof's assets from any location at any time.


Our desire to establish and retain strategic relationships with the potential to grow our business across numerous locations. From our teams in the field to the management who executes them and everyone in between, we deliver high-level service.


Silverback makes investments in training programmes and safety gear. Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do.


We’ll help you stay on top of maintaining your commercial roof! Contact Silverback Torch On Systems Ltd for your complimentary roof inspections and estimate.
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